Guy's Directory of Munster 1893

Guy's Directory covers the six counties of Munster. Each county contains lists of magistrates, clergy, as well as lists of gentry and farmers. The lists for Kilnamona give the names of farmers as well as teachers and postmaster:

Postmaster: Owen Hegarty

National Head Teacher: Michael Keating, Knockacaurhin

National Head Teacher: Lizzie Dee, Ballinabinna

Clergy: O'Neill, Rev James, P P, Kilnamona House


Christian Name Surname Townland
John Barry Ballyashea
M Barry Ballyashea
Patrick Commane Ballyknock
Denis Cullinan Lickane
John Cullinan Shallee Castle
Michael Hehir Ballyasheea
Thomas Galvin Caherbanna
John Green Lickane
John Griffin Cloongowna
Michael Griffin Cloongowna
Owen Hegarty Ballyasheea
Patrick Hegarty Ballyasheea
William Hegarty Ahasla
Martin Hehir Ballyashea
John G Keane Ballyasheea
Myles Keane Caherbanna
James Kennedy Cloongowna
Michael Lucas Knockacaurhin
Michael McDonnell Cloongowna
Thomas McDonnell Cloongowna
Edward Malley Ballyknock
Matthew McGrath Mweelagarraun
Thomas Mahony Clooncaurha
Patrick Mescall Lickane
Thomas Monahan Ballyashea
Denis Neylan Lickane
Michael Neylan Ballyknock
Michael Junior Neylan Ballyknock
Thomas Neylan Crohane
Daniel O'Keeffe Toureen
Daniel Junior O'Keeffe Toureen
John O'Loughlin Ballyashea
Patrick O'Shea Cloongowna
Samuel Pilkington Cloongowna
Michael Sullivan Crohane
John Talty Ballyknock
Patrick Tuttle Knockacaurhin