Kilnamona People Recorded in the 1911 Census in England and Wales

I came across a few people originally from Kilnamona recorded in the 1911 census in England and in Wales. Kate Hickey, originally from Kilnamona, lived with her husband Patrick, originally from Ennis, in Cardiff with their 5 children. They had 2 boarders from Kilnamona: Michael McTigue, a blast furnace man who worked in the iron and steel works; and John Mescall, whose occupation is recorded as a malster. Bridget Keating was training to be a teacher in Bradford and is also recorded in the census. She later taught in Kilnamona. Margaret Naughton, also originally from Kilnamona, was recorded as living with the Walton family in Bolton. She worked in the cotton spinning industry.

Surname Christian Name Age in 1911 Relation to Head Occupation Birthplace Street Address Marital Status
Hickey Kate 38 Housewife Housewife Kilnamona 237 Tenby Street, Cardiff Married
Keating Bridget 21 Boarder Student Kilnamona 23 Parkfield Road, Bradford Single
McTigue Michael 20 Boarder Blastfurnace Man Kilnamona 237 Tenby Street, Cardiff Single
Mescall John 21 Boarder Malster Kilnamona 237 Tenby Street, Cardiff Single
Naughton Margaret 26 Boarder Comber Tender, Cotton Spinning Industry Kilnamona 18 Oak Street, Bolton Single