Griffith's Valuations for Kilnamona

Griffith's valuations are a superb census substitute. They were carried out between 1848 and 1864. They provide the only detailed guide to where people lived in mid-nineteenth century Ireland and to the property they possessed. The valuations were commissioned in order to produce the accurate information necessary for local taxation. I have transcribed the entries for Kilnamona. Additional information such as landlord, area, description of tenement and total annual valuation of rateable property can be found by searching this page.

Christian Name Surname Townland
Ellen O'Keeffe Ballyasheea
Patrick McNamara Ballyasheea
Daniel O'Keeffe Ballyasheea
James O'Keeffe Ballyasheea
John O'Loughlin Ballyasheea
Michael Hehir Ballyasheea
Catherine Keane Ballyasheea
Matthew Keane Ballyasheea
Matthew Monahan Ballyasheea
Thomas Monahan Ballyasheea
Thomas, Rev Quin Ballyasheea
Martin McMahon Ballyasheea
Patrick Barry Ballyasheea
Gerald Barry Ballyasheea
James Hegarty Ballyasheea
Charles G O'Callaghan Ballyasheea
Hugh Talty Ballyknock
James Neylan Ballyknock
Jane Studdert Ballyknock
Mary Malone Ballyknock
Michael Neylan Ballyknock
Edward Malley Ballyknock
Michael Cullinan Ballyknock
Michael Comane Ballyknock
Patrick Lennane Ballyknock
John Cullinan Ballyknock
Thomas Crowe Ballymongaun
Thaddeus Cullinan Ballymongaun
Marquis of Thomond Ballymongaun
Margaret Leary Ballynabinnia
Edward Gallery Ballynabinnia
Edward Dooley Ballynabinnia
James Considine Ballynabinnia
Michael Cahirr Ballynabinnia
Michael Mackey Ballynabinnia
Joan Connole Ballynabinnia
Honoria Cahirr Ballynabinnia
Daniel Considine Ballynabinnia
Mary Keane Ballynabinnia
Richard Keane Ballynabinnia
Stafford O'Brien Ballynabinnia
William Keane Ballyneillan
Anthony Sheahan Ballyneillan
Thomas Crowe Caherbannagh
Thomas Galvin Caherbannagh
Michael Fitzgerald Caherbannagh
Richard Keane Caherbannagh
Mary Keane Caherbannagh
Myles Keane Caherbannagh
Marquis of Thomond Caherbannagh
Denis Mahony Clooncaurha
Michael Leahy Clooncaurha
Jane Studdert Clooncaurha
Michael Maguane Cloongowna
Patrick Barry Cloongowna
Mary Barry Cloongowna
Patrick (Sam) Barry Cloongowna
Theobald Barry Cloongowna
Patrick Burke Cloongowna
Denis Barry Cloongowna
James Kavy Cloongowna
Bridget Barry Cloongowna
Patrick McInerny Cloongowna
John McInerny Cloongowna
David McInerny Cloongowna
Charles O'Connor Cloongowna
Stephen Barry Cloongowna
Michael McDonnell Cloongowna
David Barry Cloongowna
James Connole Cloongowna
Patrick Shea Cloongowna
James Shea Cloongowna
James McDonnell Cloongowna
Patrick Clune Cloongowna
John Griffy Cloongowna
James Griffy Cloongowna
Samuel Pelkington Cloongowna
Patrick Kennedy Cloongowna
John Cooney Cloongowna
Patrick Sullivan Cloongowna
Jane Studdert Cloongowna
Patrick Forde Cooguquid
Patrick Cullinan Cooguquid
Michael Considine Cooguquid
Stafford O'Brien Cooguquid
Bridget Meade Croaghaun
Patrick O'Keeffe Croaghaun
Mary Cullinan Croaghaun
Daniel Finucane Croaghaun
Michael Sullivan Croaghaun
Martin Flannery Croaghaun
James Sullivan Croaghaun
Mary Flynn Drumcurreen
John Tierney Drumcurreen
Michael Kelly Drumcurreen
John McInerney Drumcurreen
Richard Donoghue Drumcurreen
John Kelly Drumcurreen
Denis Hogan Drumcurreen
Margaret Hayes Drumcurreen
Stephen Neylan Drumcurreen
Patrick Fitzgerald Drumcurreen
William Cotter Drumcurreen
John Cotter Drumcurreen
Francis H Synge Drumcurreen
Edward Malley Islandgar
Jane Studdert Islandgar
Thomas Galvin Kilnamona
Austin Kerins Kilnamona
Arthur, Rev Totton Kilnamona
Madame De La Haye Kilnamona
Michael Tuttle Knockacaurhin
James Halloran Knockacaurhin
Denis Neylan Knockacaurhin
James Barry Knockacaurhin
Terence O'Loughlin Knockacaurhin
Thomas Lucas Knockacaurhin
Margaret Keane Knockacaurhin
John Collins Knockacaurhin
James Collins Knockacaurhin
John Finucane Knockacaurhin
Michael Daly Knockacaurhin
Patrick Lucas Knockacaurhin
James McGuane Knockacaurhin
John Connell Knockacaurhin
John Molloy Knockacaurhin
Thomas Galvin Knockacaurhin
Patrick Kelly Knockacaurhin
Mary Creagh Knockacaurhin
Honoria Cahirr Knockatemple
Michael Cahirr Knockatemple
Darby Cahirr Knockatemple
Michael Mackey Knockatemple
Peter Falvey Knockatemple
Patrick Lennane Knockatemple
John Daly Knockatemple
Daniel Leary Knockatemple
Mary O'Loughlin Knockatemple
Laurence Hayes Knockatemple
Darby Meehan Knockatemple
Hugh Talty Knockatemple
James Neylan Knockatemple
Jane Studdert Knockatemple
Patrick Naughton Leckaun
Patrick Moloney Leckaun
John Cullinan Leckaun
James McDonnell Leckaun
Michael McDonnell Leckaun
Patrick Wren Leckaun
Michael Wren Leckaun
Michael Neylan Leckaun
Connor O'Neill Leckaun
James Barry Leckaun
Timothy Mooney Leckaun
Francis Browne Leckaun
Michael Lehy Leckaun
Michael McTigue Leckaun
Denis Cullinan Leckaun
Mary Lyons Leckaun
John Carmody Leckaun
Michael Neland Leckaun
Darby Carmody Leckaun
Timothy Wren Leckaun
Thomas McGann Leckaun
Patrick McGannon Leckaun
John McGannon Leckaun
James Troy Leckaun
Hugh Talty Leckaun
Nicholas Darcy Leckaun
Denis Kerins Leckaun
Michael, Jun Neylan Leckaun
Francis Greene Leckaun
Patrick O'Loughlin Leckaun
Jane Studdert Leckaun
Ralph Cullinan Magowna
Patrick Hurley Magowna
James Tropy Magowna
Marquis of Thomond Magowna
Stafford O'Brien Magowna
Michael Mackey Moarhaun
Stafford O'Brien Moarhaun
Patrick Lennane Moarhaun
Michael McGrath Mweelagarraun
Stafford O'Brien Mweelagarraun
Patrick Kerins Rushaun
Bridget Markam Rushaun
Peter Barry Rushaun
Austin Kerins Rushaun
Martin Neylan Rushaun
Timothy Hehir Rushaun
Michael Connor Rushaun
Admiral O'Grady Rushaun
Timothy Cullinan Shallee
John Morgan Shallee
Thomas Crowe Shallee
Thomas, Senior Crowe Shallee
John Leary Soheen
Thomas McDonnell Soheen
Patrick McGann Soheen
Patrick Mulvichael Soheen
Michael Keeffe Soheen
Charles Mahon Soheen
Lord Inchiquin Soheen
Margaret Malley Tooreen, East
Mary Cullinan Tooreen, East
Michael Galvin Tooreen, East
Daniel Keeffe Tooreen, East
Bartholomew Moy Tooreen, East
James Keaty Tooreen, East
Thomas Keaty Tooreen, East
Jane Brew Tooreen, East
Tomkins Brew Tooreen, East
Stafford O'Brien Tooreen, East
Stafford O'Brien Tooreen, West
Michael Galvin Tooreen, West
James O'Keeffe Tooreen, West
Daniel O'Keeffe Tooreen, West
Ellen O'Keeffe Tooreen, West
Patrick Hehir Tooreen, West
Patrick McInerney Tooreen, West
John Ryan Tooreen, West
James Keaty Tooreen, West
Thomas Keaty Tooreen, West
Jane Brew Tooreen, West
Tomkins Brew Tooreen, West